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Schedule Fees

Schedule of Service Fees
Effective Date: June 2014

Share Savings Account

Share Savings Minimum Balance ($10.00) $10.00 per month (if balance falls below minimum)
Share Savings Account Excessive Withdrawl Fee $2.00 per withdrawl after four (4) withdrawls

Share Draft Accounts

Overdraft Transfer Fee $1.00 per item limited to six (6) Reg J
Overdraft Priviledge/Paid NSF $25.00 per item
Overdraft NSF Returned $25.00 per item
Returned NSF item from another instituition $10.00 per item
**Share Draft Check Printing Price may vary depending on style of check
**Counter Checks $.50 per item
Stop Pay on Share Draft $25.00 per item (unless lost or stolen)
**Monthly Service Charge $2.00 per month

IRA Accounts

New Account $25.00 per account
Annual Maintenance $10.00 per year
Account Closure $10.00 per account

Christmas Club Accounts

Early Withdrawl January-September $5.00 per withdrawl


Loan Processing $35.00 per loan/added to loan
Late Charge 5% of loan payment with maximum $10.00 after 15 days

Other Services

Wire Transfer (outgoing) $20.00 per wire
**Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour (first time no charge)
Account Research $20.00 per hour (one hour minimum)
Statement Reprints $5.00 per statement
Account Print-Out History $1.00 per page
Check Cashing (without a checking acct) $5.00 per item
**Money Order $1.00 per item
Visa Travelex Card $10.00 first card (additional card $5.00)
Items Sent for Collection $5.00 per item and Bank Charge
Certified Check made payable to another $5.00 per item
PFFCU Check made payable to another $5.00 per item
Copy of PFFCU Check $5.00 per item
Copy of Share Draft Check $3.00 per item (free on internet)
Stop Pay on PFFCU Check $5.00 per item
Return Mail (Statements) $1.00 per item
Abusive Account Closure $10.00 per account
Inactive Account $5.00 per month (after one (1) year)
Visa Debit Card NSF $25.00 per item
Visa Debit Card Reissue $5.00 per card
Visa Debit Card Pin Reissue $3.00 per pin
Visa Debit Card Foreign Transaction $1.00 per withdrawl
ACH/EFT NSF $25.00 per item
ACH/EFT Paid NSF $25.00 per item
Safe Deposit Box Rent $30.00 Annual 3x10
Safe Deposit Box Rent $40.00 Annual 5x10
Safe Deposit Box Rent $60.00 Annual 10x10
Safe Deposit Box NSF $25.00 per box after 30 days
Safe Deposit Box Key Lost/Stolen Price from PFFCU Locksmith
**Share Draft Account (Age 55 or Older & Full Time Student) No Charge, contact PFFCU**

Rates and Fees are subject to change without notice.

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